This workshop, held in collaboration with The Breathe Network, explores how trauma lands in the body and how we can use somatic experiencing to support survivors’ healing. Molly Boeder Harris and Maira Holzmann introduce the concepts of somatic experiencing (SE) and co-regulating touch, offering somatic practices for down regulation that we can incorporate into our healing.

Focusing on the unique somatic imprints of shame that many survivors experience as a result of how trauma physiology and social norms interact, this workshop considers practices that support survivors in cultivating appreciation for their body’s innate responses to overwhelm, building capacity to hold the intensity of how our body remembers, and bolstering our resources for safer explorations of our own embodiment.

Somatic Experiencing and Sexual Trauma Recovery was originally held as a two-part online workshop in July 2021. The second part was recorded and is offered here as an open-access resource.