Changemakers, communities, all people invested in racial justice: explore with us how somatics can help us find new ways to respond effectively to racism, with discussion and insight from visionary racial justice organisers and somatics practitioners. How can somatics be used to overturn the deep racism that is killing us in health, education, housing, environment, public services and infrastructures?

‘The Power of Somatics for Racial Justice’ with Nkem Ndefo, Temi Mwale, Melz Owusu and HJL’s Rebekah Delsol & Alex Augustin is part of our Healing Trauma and Social Justice series looking into the potential of somatics.

As racism continues to cause people of the global majority* to face disproportionate vulnerability and feel the brunt of many existing and emerging crises, right now it’s crucial we build a collective embodied practice that reckons with the harm, violence and ongoing re-injury of racism, and strengthens the fight for racial justice.