Our work focuses on three strategic interventions to drive effective societal transformation:  

Community Programmes

Our Community Programmes create spaces for healing and learning, centering people that are subject to marginalisation. Our goal is to strengthen internal resilience and agency, equipping individuals and communities with tools to heal from trauma, learn from different struggles and analyses, develop a strong sense of self-connection, and practice our collective liberation. 

Structural interventions

Our Structural Interventions advocate for systemic shifts in the health and broader public sector. Our work in this area engages both radical practitioners and experts by experience (service users) to reshape narratives within policy, public health, and culture towards larger societal transformation. We work together across sectors and fields to collaboratively challenge outdated structures and build towards alternative models and infrastructures.

Deaths by Welfare
Reimagining Health & Care

Sustaining Movements

Our work in Sustaining Movements focuses on supporting lived-experience leaders to shape change. We do this by shifting individuals, communities and teams out of states of trauma and chronic unsustainability, and into positions of self-empowerment and resilience. 

This takes the shape of 1:1 coaching, trainings, and opportunities for horizontal learning by connecting movement leaders in solidarity. We also create space for programming that is responsive to political moments, to support the capacity of activists, prevent burnout and sustain the longevity of our resistance to State violence and oppression.