Our Reimagining Masculinities programme creates spaces for men and transmasculine people of colour to find new and abundant ways to be disloyal to patriarchy. Taking inspiration from bell hooks’ book ‘The Will To Change’, this programme aims to interrogate and unlearn the ways that patriarchal culture disconnects men from themselves, their bodies and their feelings. Exploring the role of creativity in reimagining masculinities, our regular support spaces held by Sai Murray (Healing Circles) and Jalal Afhim (Tai Chi & Qigong) have used arts and movement based approaches to this work. We have also collaborated with artists including Lowkey, Abbas Zahedi and Tsoku Maela.

Recognising that we need different and multiple approaches to end cycles of gender-based and sexual violence, we understand our Reimagining Masculinities programme as one strand of our gender justice work, alongside our Seasons of Survivor Support. Akeim Toussaint Buck initiated and laid the groundwork for this programme in the first iteration of our healing circles for men of colour.