Our Deaths by Welfare Project investigates deaths linked to welfare reform and the violence of state austerity. The aim of the project is to make visible the slow and bureaucratic violence of the State, and to contextualise welfare related deaths as issues of disability, spatial, racial and economic justice. Integral to this work is honouring, uplifting and learning from disabled people’s lived experience and resistance.

The Deaths by Welfare Project is led by China Mills and co-designed by members of Litany for Survival – a team made up of people with lived experience of intersecting forms of structural marginalisation. At the core of our work is a timeline co-created with John Pring (Disability News Service) and others, documenting evidence of deaths linked to the welfare system, and people’s resistance to deadly welfare policies.

The project also includes a significant cultural strategy, with the release of a 5-part podcast series and artist commissions towards an exhibition in 2023. This will culminate in a People’s Movement Assembly to build collective power and cross-movement solidarity.