Our Resisting State Violence programme creates healing spaces that account for the effects of ongoing and systemic trauma, recognising that we need tools and resources that can sustain both ourselves and our resistance. We also address the increasing securitisation of health services and other public institutions, to shift narratives around safety and build community alternatives beyond the State. 

Our work around state violence responds to policing, securitisation and surveillance, to support the communities that are disproportionately targeted and at the forefront of resistance. This programme connects with UK movements that organise against Prevent, the Hostile Environment, and structural misogyny and  anti-Blackness in the Police Force, to understand how these policies and institutions affect our communities.

In this work, we have collaborated with organisations and practitioners including MedAct, Camille Barton, Tarek Younis and Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan. We are working with StopWatch to develop an app which shares practical tools for down regulation and self-resourcing to support communities that are disproportionately affected by policing.