How can somatics be used to abolish the structures which keep us dispossessed and sick? Hear from visionary somatics and social justice speakers on how we come together as communities, leaders and changemakers to build the path towards transformation.

‘The Power of Somatics for Collective Transformation’ with Marai Larasi, Farzana Khan & Staci Haines, chaired by China Mills, is the first of a 3-part Healing Trauma and Social Justice series looking into the potential of somatics.

Decades of austerity, a growing cost of living crisis, climate breakdown and the ongoing pandemic are all causing multiple forms of harm and devastation, and we can’t rely on power structures to help us. We need a collective response. While in recent times healing has been depoliticised and individualised, we explore how somatics, from the individual to the collective body, can be applied to climate, racial, and social justice movements. The work of dismantling oppressive systems involves transforming patterns, culture and community practices through engaging the body and healing trauma caused by social and political structures.