We spend our lives navigating oppressive infrastructures like welfare and hostile urban space. How do we build systems that are conducive to life, dignity, safety & joy?

In this public conversation organised in collaboration with Kin Structures and RESOLVE Collective, hear from individuals and organisations who are currently visioning and building radical infrastructures across London and beyond.

The panel, which includes Amahra Spence from MAIA and Imandeep Kaur from Civic SquareArman Nouri from Kin StructuresFarzana Khan from Healing Justice Ldn and Akil and Seth Amani Scafe-Smith from RESOLVE Collective, demonstrates that alternative models, methodologies and practices are not abstract dreams, but material realities already being practised in pockets across the UK. These present-day experiments give us a glimpse into practical possibilities; they are ‘rehearsals’ for the liberated and flourishing futures that we would like to see.