Addressing Medical & Institutional Trauma

Reimagining Health and Care: Addressing Medical and Institutional Trauma (REMIT) is a project aimed at addressing the individual and systemic harms that marginalised people experience when accessing health and social care. REMIT creates spaces where we can process our experiences, build rigorous analysis and reclaim our own narratives around our health journeys. We have previously hosted public events around disability justice and mental health which connect to this work.

In 2021, we ran two 5-month pilot programmes as part of this project: one focusing on the experiences of health service users and one for health care practitioners. The former, the ‘experts by experience’ programme, was a regular healing space for participants to process the impact of navigating health services and the structural harms that happen within them. Meanwhile, the health care practitioner cohort explored how they can reduce harm within the institutions and systems they work in, recognising that they are also navigating their own relationships to healing as users of health services.