A conversation between Dzifa and Che-vanni Davids, founder of The Reimagined Learning Centre, about how leadership shows up in this space: the paradoxes, learnings and unlearnings around what it means to lead and be a facilitator for people of all ages also stepping into their own leadership.

The Reimagined Learning Centre is a place of playfulness, magic and community in action. Based in the heart of Johannesburg in South Africa, Che-vanni describes it as a community of self-directed people on a journey of reimagining life and learning for liberation. Many of the families and individuals drawn to the Centre are at first attracted by its focus on self-directed learning. Over time, people start to recognise that what is really important about the space is that it is doing liberation work. That the energy of freedom, questioning and learning is cross-generational. It’s not just a space for families, but an inspiration for us all to open up our visions about what learning and community-building really could be.

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