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Re-turning to Earth: Grief Circle for BPoC held by Phytology x Farzana Khan

About the event

‘What happens if the hollowness we feel is the prolonged absence of hearing birdsong?’ – Francis Weller

On Wednesday 28 September at 6PM, Healing Justice Ldn’s monthly grief circle will be held in-person at Phytology, Bethnal Green Nature Reserve. Please note, this session will be for Black and People of Colour / People of the Global Majority communities. This grief space will hold and support collective acknowledgment of the ecological loss brought about by ongoing violent systems of racial capitalism, borders, and imperialism. Many of us from racialised communities experience multiple forms of loss, especially in relation to belonging and un-belonging, as well as the disproportionate number of deaths in our communities. In the wake of such drastic ecological violence, this space will consider birth, renewal and cycles of loss to reach a place of hope.

In addition to the sharing of trauma-informed body-based work to support grief, this space will see Farzana Khan, sharing new writing that has been produced during her residency with Phytology, curated by Adelaide Bannerman.

We are inspired by the quote ‘What happens if the hollowness we feel is the prolonged absence of hearing birdsong?’ (Francis Weller). We acknowledge that Francis Weller drew on the work Sobonfu Some and the Dagara people, and honour this lineage and African grief traditions.


Please note that this in-person session will involve fire. We will make people aware of risks and safe conduct required, also participants will need to ensure they conduct themselves safely. Due to venue and safety requirements, unfortunately we cannot accommodate children at the in-person session. Please confirm you are over 18 in order to attend.

Please wear suitable clothing and footwear; and be mindful/appropriately prepared for insect bites/stings/plants, should you have allergic responses. Hair to be tied back and loose clothing tucked away safely.


The session will be held in-person at Phytology. Attendees should note that woodchip surface may be difficult for a self-aided wheelchair, but is fine with aided or electric wheelchair. Ramp available. Toilets are accessible with use of ramp.

About the Location

Phytology is a cultural institute based at the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve in Tower Hamlets, East London. The Nature Reserve has a delicate and complex ecosystem of plants, bats, birds, trees, soil, fungi, amphibians, insects, invertebrates and mammals (including people). The Phytology medicine garden has been sown with over thirty-two varieties of plants common to the streets of London and urban ecosystems across the country.